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AC Load banks from Avtron

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Avtron AC single-phase and three-phase load banks with dissipation capacities to 6 Megawatts are available from Westek Electronics . The Avtron load banks, in addition to resistive loads, are also available as lagging reactive loads to 1575 kVAr. In adition, Avtron combined resistive-reactive loads can be supplied and resistive loads can also be paralleled with reactive loads.  

The Avtron AC loads are applicable to a variety of load tests including turbines and diesel engines, UPS and battery testing as well as for field use in periodic testing of stand-by engine generator sets and to reduce under-loading diesel engines, which are prone to poor power performance due to unburned fuel coating the combustion chambers under light loading.  

Most Avtron resistive load banks employ chromium alloy, corrosion resistant (HelidyneÔ) elements that are supported along their entire length by stainless steel posts with segmented ceramic insulators. Elements operate al low temperature due to careful design, and effective, fan-forced cooling (some models are available for radiator or duct mounting on diesel engines).  

Avtron permanently-installed load banks use enclosures constructed from aluminized steel and as such provide excellent heat protection and corrosion resistance, particularly when compared to commonly used galvanized steel. The HelidyneÔ elements are mounted in enclosures with screened, louvered air intakes and exhausts. Permanently installed units use gasketed, heated enclosures to prevent dust and condensation from affecting the reliability of the load banks.  

A digital monitoring system is available providing operating parameters including voltage, current, frequency and power. The monitoring system is provided with an optical IrDA port and IrDA-USB adapter for downloading to a PDA or computer.  

In addition to permanently installed load banks, Avtron also supplies portable load banks, including hand-carried load banks. For example, the Avtron LPH-60, weighing 32 kg, can dissipate 60 kW. Avtron load banks can be remotely or locally controlled in step-wise fashion and in increments depending on the size of load bank selected. The LPH-60, 60 kW load bank has switching increments of 5 kW.  

Avtron also manufactures DC versions such as the Avtron Model K571, designed for indoor operation and suitable for testing DC generating systems, converters, transformer-rectifier units, battery systems, and controls. The K571 is equipped with two fixed and two lockable swivel casters which allow the unit to be moved easily from one test site to another.

Electrical connections are simplified by the easy access terminals located behind the access door on the front of the unit. A safety interlock switch disables load application if the access door is opened for operator safety. This load bank is completely self-contained with a blower included for cooling the load resistor elements. Typical designs include 900 or 1000 amps, 52 volt DC load, or 1000 amp 28 volt DC load.

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