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P-Series terminals with 'Push In' technology

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article image The P-Series is characterised by high performance encased in a small terminal housing.

WEIDMÜLLER’S P-Series presents a new generation of terminals characterised by ‘Push In’ connection technology and the resolute reduction in the number of variations based on a 3-pitch product concept.

All that is needed for efficient wiring up to 16mm² are the three terminals PDU 2.5/4, PDU 6/10 and PDU 16.

Until now, users needed five different terminals to cover the range - meaning more variants and more article numbers.

The reduction in variants is a guarantor for efficient and beneficial logistics and procurement management - with a corresponding cutback in costs.

The innovative product concept was made possible by the dedicated detail engineering conducted throughout the P-Series.

With just 5.1mm, the PDU 2.5/4 has the width of a 2.5mm² terminal available to date, however, with 32A it boasts the rated current of a 4mm² terminal.

The data for the PDU 6/10 is: design width 8.1mm and 57A rated current. The PDU 16 features a design width of 12mm with a rated current of 76A.

The P-Series comprises feed-through and PE terminals with 2, 3 and 4 connections, double-tier, disconnect and isolating neutral terminals - all designed to be snapped onto TS 35 mounting rails.

A power supply terminal to meet electrical distribution requirements and a complete family of installation terminals rounds off the system.

All terminals in the P-Series are equipped with the ‘Push In’ contact system. When using this system, the solid core wire, once stripped of insulation, or the flexible wire with crimped-on ferrule, is simply inserted into the terminal point until it butts against the stop. No tools are required to make the connection.

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