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Heavy binding and bag handles from Webbing and Trimming

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Webbing and Trimming  specialises in the manufacture of narrow fabrics. Webbing and Trimming was established in 1938 and was primarily engaged in the manufacture of trimmings and braids. Webbing and Trimming have expanded itself over the years in manufacturing of wide range of products which includes webbing, piping cord, yarns, crochet, knitted elastic, curtain heading tapes and tassels.

Webbing and Trimming also manufactures some of its raw materials, coat webbing with P.V.C., dying products and building of own machines. Webbing and Trimming constantly develops and researches new processes and products. Webbing is made from different types of materials in various styles, weights and colours which can be printed or woven in as logos.

Webbing and Trimming offers webbing for wide range of applications which includes bag handles, straps, belts, heavy binding, pet collars, leashes, tents, backpacks, tents, military contracts, tiedowns, curtain siders, saddlery and equestrian, helmets, safety harnesses, lifejackets, tarpaulins, canvas and many more.

Webbing and Trimming offers webbing solution, which are produced with spun, texturised and filament yarns. Webbings are available as UV stabilized for outdoor use in customised colors and styles. Webbings are heat sealed cut lengths are available in required colours.

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