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323Dz/RL General Purpose Benchtop Dispensers from Watson-Marlow Bredel

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article image 323Dz-RL General Purpose Benchtop Dispensers

Watson-Marlow Bredel  supplies a range of benchtop dispenser pumps that can dispense up to three litres per minute with high dosing accuracy.

Model 323Dz/RL general purpose benchtop dispensers are designed to offer precise dispensing without the need for stored programs or printed records.

Featuring a zero-maintenance brushless DC motor that is dust-free and contaminant-free, the 323Dz/RL benchtop dispensers offer simple operation and incorporate microprocessor control to deliver a dosing accuracy of ±1.0%.

Additional features include soft-start ‘ramp’, which reduces splashes and frothing as well as a non-drip function that eliminates drips at the end of each dose. 

Key features of the general purpose benchtop dispensers:

  • Digital speed control from 1rpm to 300rpm
  • Switchable between 100-120V and 220-240V
  • Dispenses 100ml in 2 seconds
  • Accurate to within ±1%
  • Flow rates from 0.06ml/minute to 3,000ml/minute
  • Menu driven calibration procedure
  • Dispensing by keypress or remote footswitch
  • Fitted with single channel 501RL pumphead
  • Pumphead accepts 7 tube bore sizes without adjustment
  • Model 323Dz/D or 323Dz/4D can be chosen to provide up to six channels of flow if more than one channel of flow is required
  • Model 505Di/RL is recommended if stored programs, RS232 or printed records are required

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