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article image FIREROD cartridge heaters.

WATLOW recently added a miniature version cartridge heater to its existing line of FIREROD cartridge heaters.

The 3.1mm (1/8”) FIREROD features a helically wound resistance wire that produces higher watt densities and contributes to longer service life in space-restricted applications.

Industry trends show a reduction in medical equipment size and movement toward manufacturing more ambulatory equipment.

Watlow's small FIREROD is compatible with the reduced equipment size. It also features a 3.1mm diameter and an internal thermocouple option for temperature control, which is an ideal solution for space limitation problems.

Small FIREROD heaters have the ability to work at a high watt density without compromising service life. This makes the heater ideal for space-restricted applications within the aviation, packaging, freeze protection, ink jet printer and gas chromatography industries.

The FIREROD is similar to other FIREROD cartridge heaters with a sheath that is resistant to oxidation and corrosion, even at high temperatures.

The product also undergoes a swaging procedure that is designed to improve dielectric strength, heat transfer and tolerance to shock and vibration.

Users can achieve desired process temperatures more quickly and the resistance wires operate at lower temperatures, which is ideal for reducing energy costs and an important factor in determining heater life.

Swaging is a procedure that involves reducing a cartridge heater's diameter by compressing the cartridge heater body filled with magnesium oxide powder to a specific diameter around the resistance and lead wires.

This reduces the spacing between the resistance wires and metal sheath and compacts the magnesium oxide insulation, which minimises insulation space and maximises heat transfer.

Watlow's FIREROD is available with crimped-on or swaged-in leads with optional Teflon moisture resistant seals and leads.

Mounting options include a 25.4mm diameter mounting flange (FS flange) and a 90° angle-bend version.

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