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WaterGroup provides smart water metering solutions to provide you with the information needed to save money and water.

WaterGroup provide temporary and permanent smart meters for water, tank levels, electricity, solar and gas

Permanent monitoring solutions

WaterGroup can help find hidden water usages and monitor and manage your office and warehouse water consumption. Services include:

  • Graphical, web-based interface
  • Customisable for one or many meters
  • Automatic alarming for abnormal consumptions – catching leaks for you
  • Automatic meter reading and data uploading

Mini-SIM Logger: A rugged 1 or 2 channel logger with internal lithium batteries with a 4+ year life. The logger connects to any pulse enabled meter (water, gas or electrical) and uploads data directily via GPRS to a customised website

Network SIM Logger: For larger sites the Network SIM Logger can be customised for dozens or even hundreds of smart meters for lower running costs and easier data retrieval. Applications include cooling towers, toilet blocks, food areas, swimming pools, wash down areas

Customised website

WaterGroup smart metering options include websites with ongoing web support. Features include

  • User friendly
  • Dual level access:
    • Corporate for a snapshot of all sites ranked by performance
    • Individual for the details of each individual site
  • Leakage detection
  • Dynamic graphs
  • Analysis of savings
  • Sub-metering of key uses
  • Active monitoring of water consumption for sustained savings
  • Alarm response and coordination of corrective actions
  • Password-protected

Short-term monitoring

WaterGroup provides mini loggers for temporary smart metering, a smart, cost effective way to monitor water use. For short term data logging WaterGroup has developed the mini logger, a weatherproof device the same size as a USB, which can store up to 40,000 data points.

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