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WaterGroup provide a range flow and pressure data logging solutions that offer quick and simple data retrieval and analysis.

Flow and pressure loggers with GPRS

The Sebalog Dx datalogger is a highly flexible data logger with up to 4 inputs which can include internal pressure transducers.

Features include:

  • Easily installed temporarily for investigative purposes or permanently to provide continuous monitoring of a water supply
  • Data can be read locally by USB or local wireless, or transmitted to a host computer or web viewer using built in GSM module
  • Network monitoring using GSM/GPRS
  • Wireless communication
  • Automatic data and alarm transmission
  • 5 years of autonomous logging
  • Pressure surge detection
  • Remote configuration and access via GSM/GPRS

Highly accurate pressure loggers for water supply networks

The Sebalog P3 data logger is a purpose built pressure logger for use on water supply networks.

Features include:

  • Low profile design makes for easy installation on most hydrant types and allows the lid to be shut even in the smallest chambers
  • Equipped with a venting valve to maximise measurement accuracy
  • Wireless data transfer allows the user to communicate with the logger even when the hydrant covers are closed or inaccessible 
  • Data can be read and analysed in real time
  • Ideal for pressure surge measurements
  • Freely adaptable for all connection types
  • Large data memory
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