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Laser vibrometer for process control

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Polytec’s Industrial vibrometer combine a robust integrated single-box design with the clear advantages of non-contact, laser-based vibration measurement.

The IVS-400 industrial vibration sensor measures structure-borne noise of objects reliably and without contact. The vibrometer is non-contact, wear-free and does not require servo-mechanisms or noise protection for performing measurements.

The acquired data provides valuable information on manufacturing quality and compliance with a product’s acoustic emission limits.

Direct integration of the vibrometer into a production line makes up a real-time quality control system which enables automatic PASS/FAIL decisions on the basis of structure-borne vibration.

According to the company, meaningful input data from the vibrometer enhances proper classification dramatically. Thus, besides sustainable assurance of product quality, it substantially increases the cost efficiency of the production process.

The vibrometer is easy to integrate into test setups and existing control systems. It offers reduced impact from surface features due to its DESPEC technology.

It covers acoustic measurement range up to 22 kHz frequency response and it includes automatic PASS/FAIL decision with optional QuickCheck software.

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