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Entrance Matting
The Absorbent Scraper Premier Entrance Mat and Entrance Matting from Warehouse of Mats, looks and performs like the famous Waterhog Classic Mat, has all the same benefits, but without the name and price tag.

The Absorbent Scraper Premier,  Entrance Mat  is available in 16  standard sizes and 7 different  colours, in both Waffle Pattern and 6 different colours Diamond pattern.

In addition The Absorbent Scraper Premier,  Entrance Mat  can be custom made to a size to suit your needs

Entrance Door Mats
Warehouse of Mats has been selling this style of Entrance mat and Entrance Matting to many customers with high Traffic areas, customers such as supermarkets, schools and Westfield.

The benefit of the type of The Absorbent Scraper Premier, Entrance Mat is it cleans and dries feet as it gets walked on.

This type of function is vital as studies have shown that the majority of people walking into business premises do not stop and wipe their feet.

Features and Benefits of the Absorbent Scraber Premier
  • Protect your flooring by cleaning dirt and moisture from shows as it enters your building
  • Bi-level construction keeps dirt and moisture trapped beneath the shoe level
  • Raised border keeps water and dirt in the mat and off the floor and is available with fabric border or rubber border
  • Premium 24oz polypropylene carpet dries quickly and will not rot
  • 100% rubber backing for maximum durability
  • Suitable as an indoor or outdoor floor protection solution
  • Easy to maintain and clean
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