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WANG Industries offers stainless steel clamps for pipe repair

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WANG Components Stainless Steel Clamps, offered by WANG Industries , can also be made to suit most requirements and there is no need to shut down the complete line as it permits installation on a live or dead main line with very less or no pipeline downtime. WANG Components Stainless Steel Clamps are ideal for new developments, live under pressure tapping, fire services, etc. they provide permanent and reliable solutions for pipes repair for both above and below ground.

Stainless Steel Repair Clamps, available from WANG Industries, offers fast, economical and permanent repair to most damaged pipes. These damaged pipes may have pinholes, cracks or be vested with full circumferential damage. The Clamp OD range from WANG Industries, offers multi-pipe repair capabilities and has a 316 Stainless Steel Skin, 316 Stainless Steel Fasteners and a Nitride Rubber Gasket.

WANG Industries’ flanged off-take clamp is designed to offers a flange connection off a new or existing pipeline. This clamp is suitable for tapping pipelines under pressure and also for air valve and hydrant installations on existing pipes. Stainless Steel Tapped Off-Take Repair Clamp from WANG Industries presents a fast and economical way to repair pipes with pulled services as well as tapping on unstable or damaged pipes.

There are Bell Leak Clamps, Socket Joint Leak Clamps, and Brass Products like Brass Tapping Saddles also available from WANG Industries.

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