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WAM's new TECU modular fume and dust filtering system for sheet metal processing

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Thanks to years of experience in the filtration industry, WAM Australia  is now able to offer the TECU modular filter, a new, unique, and dedicated solution for fume and dust filtering for sheet metal processing machines.

The TECU modular fume and dust filter is suitable for thermal, oxy, plasma, waterjet and laser processes and cutting applications and consists of a stand-alone unit with a dust collecting hopper and integrated fan, a polygonal shape casing, horizontally inserted filter elements, and a reverse air jet cleaning system.

The TECU modular fume and dust filter works by allowing the dirty air flow to enter the filter casing from the top inlet flange or from the spark trap where spark and heavier particles are pre-separated. Thanks to the negative pressure generated by the fan, the suction fumes are then forced to pass through the filtering elements that will collect the pollutant and leave clean air escaping to the environment.

The collected dust drops down inside the dust collecting hopper after the automatic reverse air jet cleaning device has removed it from the filter elements.

Due to its modular structure, the TECU fume and dust filtering system offers a large variety of configurations in terms of both filter surface area and filter assembly. The filter surface area ranges from 28m² to 444m².

The TECU modular fume and dust filter can be supplied as a complete integrated solution for dust recovery (RECOFIL + EASYFILL). This package offers important advantages in terms of maintenance and environmental sustainability. The complete fume and dust filtering system reduces maintenance costs radically against traditional solutions with a short repair time and machine downtime.

WAM offers a wide variety of fume and dust filtering solutions to improve customer productivity, guarantee production quality, help protect the environment and reduce energy and maintenance costs. The range of WAM dust collectors consists of round and polygonal stainless steel units that are either built for venting applications or dust extraction.

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