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WAM offers protection for silos with new polymer VHS pressure relief valves

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The new polymer VHS pressure relief valves available from WAM Australia are designed as a safety feature for silos to deal with abnormal pressure conditions.
Sudden excess or suction pressure inside any silo structure must be dealt with instantly. Though the VHS pressure relief valve ideally should never have to go into action, it must still be efficient, reliable and ready to meet any sudden eventuality.
Components of WAM’s VHS pressure relief valves: 

  • Cylindrically shaped polymer body with flange connection spigot to the silo
  • Exhaust outlet spout in anti-wear polymer for duct connection
  • Elastic diaphragm to re-establish pressure balance instantaneously
  • Counterweight kit to keep the valve closed under normal conditions
  • Weather protection cover
Designed to avoid blockage as well as the formation of material crusts, the special double-acting diaphragm, which is pervious to air deals with both excess and suction pressure relief.
Common counterweight pressure relief valves or spring-loaded pressure relief valves have the pressure balance re-established extremely quickly but not instantaneously, but the counterweight-loaded VHS-type pressure relief valve manufactured by WAM achieves perfect pressure balance in real time through interplay of pressure on different surface areas on both sides of the diaphragm fitted inside the valve housing.
In the event of excess pressure this interaction enables air from inside the silo to flow back into the atmosphere while in the case of suction pressure, the air penetrates from the atmosphere into the silo.
Key features of VHS pressure relief valves:

  • Casing and cover in polymer
  • Body diameter: 273mm
  • Air volume up to 5,000m³/h
  • Exhaust outlet spout for connection with centralised suction system
  • Preset for a maximum negative pressure of -0.005 bar and maximum excess pressure of +0.05 bar
  • Can be set at a maximum excess pressure ranging from +0.02 bar to +0.08 bar if required
  • Weight: 8kg

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