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WAM Australia Presents the New CONSEP 5000 Concrete Reclaiming Systems

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article image CONSEP 5000 Concrete Reclaiming System

WAM Australia  introduces a new line of concrete reclaiming systems designed to achieve savings by reclaiming concrete from washed-out truck mixers or concrete pumps and moulds.  

The new CONSEP 5000 is an innovative range of concrete reclaimers used in ready-mixed concrete batching plants for reclaiming concrete washed out from truck mixers as well as in pre-cast concrete batching plants for concrete recovery from the moulds.  

The new concrete reclaiming systems additionally help companies meet the stringent requirements of environmental laws.  

CONSEP 5000 concrete reclaiming systems by WAM allow recovery of residual concrete and wash water from truck mixers or concrete pumps making it possible for concrete manufacturers to comply with environmental requirements.    

Concrete manufacturers can minimise environmental impact as well as prevent contamination and recirculation of wastewater and aggregates in concrete plants using the concrete reclaimers.   

CONSEP 5000 combines the traditional features of concrete reclaimers based on screw conveyor technology with new technical characteristics that increase machine performance and durability including using SINT engineering polymers.  

Key features of CONSEP 5000 concrete reclaiming systems

  • SINT polymers’ excellent non-stick properties and resistance to abrasion ensure simple and quick maintenance with significant reduction of maintenance costs for the plant owner
  • Plants can dramatically reduce their running costs
  • Quick operating cycles with the system working for a shorter time at the maximum flow rate allow energy-savings up to 65% compared to similar systems
  • Up to 40% less wash water is required thanks to the non-stick properties
  • Different CONSEP 5000 configurations allow unloading up to 4 vehicles at a time with a recycling capacity of up to 20m³/h
  • Excellent solids-liquid separation and washing of aggregates
  • Large-capacity settling and extraction of fines with particle size down to 0.2mm

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