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WAM Australia takes pride in the fact that they have created an economically priced Micro-Batch Feeder that has an unsurpassable performance, with the added benefit of being highly efficient and easy to clean.

It has been created with a steel-reinforced SINT® engineering polymer body, a horizontally mounted revolving agitator tool, a feeder screw beneath the agitator tool, a feeder pipe enclosing the protruding feeder screw, one drive unit each for agitator and feeder screw.

Micro-Batch Feeders
  • MBF series Micro-Batch Feeders for powder and granular product feeding are particularly fitting for poor flowing materials which tend to clog, as well as highly adhesive products
  • You are able to feed materials through the bag opening hopper, a bulk bag discharger, or any other feeding device, the agitator tool then manages to keep the material flowing, while reducing the possibility of formation of lumps or bridges
  • Depending on the operator’s individual requirements, MBF Micro-Batch Feeders can be supplied with other feeder screws as well as blending tools and other various accessories.
Volumetric Micro-Batch Feeders
  • Body in SINT® engineering polymer from a casting process complete with stainless steel end plates
  • Agitator and feeder tool with separate drive units
  • 3 sizes available; feed rates from 3dm³/h to 4,000dm³/h (0.001 to 2.4 cfm)
  • Internal geometry of the body guarantees free flow of difficult materials
  • Minimum clearance between screw flight and feeder pipe ensuring high precision feeding
  • Flexibility in choice of micro-batch feeder most suitable for material concerned
  • Vast range of interchangeable components
MBF Micro-Batch Feeders are ideal for a wide range of  industries including food, building, plastics, chemicals, packaging, environmental technology

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28/06/13 - WAM Australia presents a range of micro-batch feeders designed for continuous volumetric feeding of powders and granular materials without causing the formation of lumps or bridges.
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27/03/12 - WAM Australia offers a complete range of specialised micro-batch feeders for powdery and granular materials.

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