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WADVA additive for Grout Mixing from Wagss

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Wagss  have introduced a new cement additive for Grout Mixing, which will increase the strength of the Grout, decrease shrinkage and provide a fluid mix almost the equivalent of Grout mixed with a Colloidal Mixer.

When added to the mix, WADVA neutralises the surface charges of the cement particles causing the particles to repel each other, therefore allowing the water to encapsulate each cement particle producing a fluid mix. This dispersion action also allows the amount of water required in the mix to be reduced by about 15% to 20% producing a strong mix with less shrinkage. Cement strength can increase by approximately the same amounts.WADVA is a liquid and supplied in a 150ml bag which is sufficient for 20kg of cement. WADVA is also available in 15 litre and 205 litre containers.

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