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Progressive cavity grout pumps now available from Wagss

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Wagss  have added progressive cavity pumps to their extensive range. They have become the Australian agents for Syno pumps, a company which has been an international force in the industry since 1968.

The rotary action of the Wagss positive displacement grout pumps generates pressure at any speed and does not require centrifugal force or high rotational speeds to operate. As they do not rely on any centrifugal action for its operation, there are no large changes in fluid velocity.

This eliminates the stop start flow associated with piston pumps and consequently a smooth consistent flow of grout can be achieved. Agitation and turbulence are therefore minimal, and shear sensitive products can be pumped without damage.

The Wagss wide throat grout pump as used on the Wagss CM60 model is a good choice for delivering a steady flow of cement or bentonite, which benefit from the slow running speeds and gentle handling made possible by the progressing cavity pump action. They also come with a feed auger and can be driven by pneumatics, electrics, or hydraulics.

Wagss is now stocking Progressive models which range between 6-24 bar in pressure. They offer a number of significant advantages, including:

  • Uninterrupted consistent smooth flow
  • Easily driven by any power source
  • Exceptionally high flow rates
  • Low maintenance

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