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Waggs provide a wide range of grout pumps and grout machines for mining and industrial applications.

Grout Pumps and Grout Machines

Wagss new range of Grout machines and Grout Pumps includes:
  • 200 litre mixing bowls with Piston Pump in Pneumatic or Hydraulic
  • Trailer or Skid Mounted Helical Coil (Screw Pumps) in Electric, Pneumatic or Hydraulic
  • Single and Twin Bowls Grout Machines ranging in size from 200 liters to 6000 liters per bowl.
  • Helical Coil Grout Pumps with flow rate of 80 to 300 liters per minute
Additional Features of Wagss range of Grout Pumps and Grout Machines
  • Water Meters
  • Water Batchers
  • Grout Meters
  • Variable Speed Grout Pumps and Grout Mixers
  • Fail safe environment to prevent accidental wear and component damage.
  • Colloidal Mixing process
  • Modular design for overseas assembly
They can provide written quotes including freight to anywhere in world. So call WAGSS today.

Supplier of Pneumatic Piston Pumps and Hydraulic Piston Type Grout Pumps
  • A Complete range of Grout Pumps and Mixers Wagss which established itself as the leading supplier of Pneumatic and Hydraulic Piston Pumps in Australia is now exporting the product the several overseas destinations
  • The GM63 series Pump offers enhanced reliability and proven performance
  • Saving money is not simply getting the cheapest product. Wagss is also manufacturing Electric Driven grout Pumps, Pneumatic Driven Grout Pumps, Hydraulic Driven grout Pumps
  • These grout machines can be supplied as a mobile unit with on board Water supply and on board power packs
WAGSS Grouting Systems
  • Looking for a Grout/Liquid Monitoring System
  • Flow Meters which measure flow from the “OUTSIDE” of the pipe
  • Levels, Flow, Pressure, Temperature, Conductivity, Electrical Soft start PLC controls,  Proximity Switches, Float Switches, Solids Flow, Moisture Movement Flow meters and more
If you prefer Grouting Units can be supplied on skids for truck or trailer transportation. Grout Machines can incorporate Water tanks, Colloidal Mixers, Piston Pumps, Progressive cavity Pumps, On Board Power Supply, Water Meters, Water Batchers, Grout Monitors, Variable Speed Motors, Everything you may require in a Grout Pump and Mixers. 

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08/08/12 - Wagss has introduced a new range of aluminium grout pumps featuring a heavy duty design for the Australian mining, civil and exploration industries.
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19/12/11 - Wagss recently delivered two new grout machines for John Holland in Australia.
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16/12/11 - Wagss introduces a newly upgraded range of continuous grout pumps in a heavy duty design for the Australian mining, civil and exploration industries.
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12/08/11 - WAGSS has gained the opportunity to build large scale continuous grout pumps in their recent large purpose built workshop.
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21/04/11 - Impressively cutting cost and time down, WAGSS now offers the Colloidal Mixer with the majority of its grouting equipment.
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