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Medical and bio-medical plastic injection moulding from W&S Plastics

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W&S Plastics  aims to provide value by offering good service and quality at customer-friendly price. W&S Plastics, along with regular plastic injection moulding, offers overmoulding metal for noise dampening or mechanical strength.

For frictional quality, W&S Plastics provides Teflon-filled moulding and overmoulding for seals or airtight chambers, rigid or soft for tactile quality or simply for cosmetic appearance. W&S Plastics offers Ultrasonic welding for seamless joins and speed and Sterilisation of plastics with minimum bio-burden.

W&S Plastics offers medical and bio-medical plastic injection moulding for medical applications. W&S Plastics is one of the premium manufacturers of medical equipments working hand in hand with clients around the world to create processes and invest in new technologies that have supported the nation to excel in this specialised growth area.

W&S Plastics provides Plastic injection moulding that is suitable for industrial applications too. W&S Plastics can provide nearly all industrial plastic injection moulding products from conveyor belt parts to shelving.

Plastic Injection Moulding Gaming machines require exact moulding standards in their plastic parts and W&S Plastics can provide the same precision and quality controlled standards to gaming parts for their most intricate and life saving medical applications.

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