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The LumaSense Technologies IMPAC IS 8 Pro Infrared Pyrometers have been designed and manufactured to offer a level of performance that few other temperature data loggers can match.

Unlike other temperature data loggers, the powerful temperature sensors on these infrared pyrometers are capable of measuring temperatures range from 250ºC to 2500ºC.

Heavy duty infrared pyrometers for industrial applications
Made from die cast aluminium, the tough and rugged construction of these infrared pyrometers make them ideal for various heavy duty industrial applications.

Some of the industries where these these infrared pyrometers are used include:
  • Steel
  • Foundries
  • Welding
  • Heat Treatment
  • Forging

Safe and simple to use pyrometers
Some of the unique features and benefits provided by these infrared pyrometers provide include:

  • Focusable precision optics for small targets at safe working distances
  • Integral 4000 reading data logger with real time clock and USB interface
  • Multifunctional display with numeric and graphical display with additional displays in viewfinder and at rear
  • Large data storage for subsequent analysis of measuring data
  • USB interface for using the optional analysing software PortaWin
  • Temperature display on the housing, in the view finder and on the multifunctional display sideways

The IMPAC IS 8 Pro infrared pyrometers have also been programmed to offer short response times for measuring the temperature of fast moving objects, greatly decreasing the time it normally to carry out such measurements.

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