Fibre Pallets by Visy


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Fibre Pallets by Visy
Visy offer a wide range of Fibre Pallets designed for the effective transport and storage of a variety of commercial goods.  

Advantages of Fibre Pallets
Too much time is wasted in business managing pallets or managing the problems that pallets create. Does your business keep stock of dirty, broken or second hand pallets? Does your business use pallets that create manual handling, contamination or fumigation issues? 

Visy’s Fibre Pallet is the perfect pallet to eliminate these problems. Advantages of the Visy range of Fibre Pallets include:
  • They are new
  • Recyclable 
  • Availability is guaranteed
  • Reduced manual handling risk
  • Free of contaminants
  • ISPM15 compliant
  • Brandable
Let us demonstrate the strength, moisture resistance and value of the Visy Fibre Pallet by contacting Visy Fibre Specialties.

VISY – 100% Australian owned and operated.
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