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High-speed frequency counting to 8GHz

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article image The CNT-85 (top) and CNT-81.

VICOM has announced the 8GHz Prescalar input option for the CNT-81/81R timer/counter/calibrators and 85/85R frequency counters from Pendulum Instrument.

The CNT-81/81R and 85/85R offer:

* High resolution - 50ps single-shot or 11 digits in 1s.

* High speed - 8000 measurements ps

* High accuracy - optional Rubidium timebase reference

The standard frequency measuring range of 300MHz can be extended to 2.7GHz and now with the new prescaler input option, to 8GHz (and above) opening up new applications for the counters in RF and microwave frequency calibration, measurement and analysis including:

* Microwave link carrier test.

* WLAN receiver/transmitter test.

* Broadband communication test (ISM band).

* RF instrument and component test.

* Frequency-hopping signal capture e.g. Bluetooth, wireless LANs etc.

The ultra-fast/ultra-resolution CNT-81 timer/counter/calibrators can calibrate time, phase and frequency with ultimate accuracy, speed and resolution.

The CNT-81 features almost every possible time/phase/frequency measuring function, down to 1ps time resolution (50ps single-shot), built-in mathematical and statistical processing, very advanced arming and hold-off functions, modulation domain analysis and much more.

Both the CNT-81 and 81R come equipped with GPIB-interface as standard. Optional timebase oscillators extend stability of the CNT-81 to 0.02 ppm/year whereas the CNT-81R has a built-in Rubidium standard.

The CNT-85 frequency counter is a compact high-performance (300MHz) counter, ideal for portable frequency calibration. Very easy to use, the Auto Set function ensures perfect triggering on any type of input signal.

The CNT-85 offers many features such as an input signal level meter (analogue bar graph), pulse width and duty cycle measurements.

The CNT-85R is an excellent portable calibrator for the master clocks in GSM base stations. Its built-in Rubidium time base never needs to be adjusted during the lifetime of the network.

Both counters can be equipped with optional HF-inputs to 2.7GHz and now 8GHz as well as a GPIB-interface for use in automatic test systems, or in PC-controlled instrument clusters.

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