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​Case Study: Crushing Equipment – A problem and a solution

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A $500,000 crushing machine able to be loaded with gravel, rock and construction aggregate has an unreliable nylon type locknut. The locknut is used to fasten the large connecting cylinders with a pivot joint.
Due to the extreme impact vibration caused during operation, the nylon locknut would frequently loosen, resulting in constant shutdowns and equipment inspections. A safety risk, a $20,000 repair fee and several weeks of shutdown meant that a solution needed to be sought.


Using 2” Heavy Hex Security Locknuts, the cylinders are fastened with a superior fastening solution. The benefits are many: there have been no incidents involving the joint for the last 3 years, the product and manufactures reputation is improved, and reduced maintenance costs.

As the Australian distributor for Security Locknut products, Vibration Solutions provide products and solutions for maintaining mining and heavy industrial equipment. Vibration Solutions provide efficient maintenance and industrial solutions. Offering a wide range of machinery and vibratory equipment, Vibration Solutions can assist and aid in solving your equipment issues to provide the ideal solution. 

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