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AMC-Mecanocaucho hydraulic mounts from Vibration Solutions

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AMC-Mecanocaucho hydraulic mounts available from Vibration Solutions combine a spring and a hydraulic damper in a single compact unit to allow tuning of the spring and damper independently.

This provides flexibility in matching the dynamic characteristics of the isolator to the requirements of the application.

Internally, the hydraulic mount consists of a new system that bonds the rubber to the metal parts so that any leakage of the dampening fluid is eliminated when the mount is subjected to high magnitude shocks.

While good isolation demands low damping, motion control requires high damping. AMC-Mecanocaucho hydraulic mounts are designed to accommodate these conflicting requirements. The fluid cavity is divided into two chambers with an orifice in between, so that the motion of the elastomeric element causes fluid to flow from one chamber to the other, dissipating energy and creating damping in the system.

These mounts are particularly suitable for installations that require a soft isolator for good isolation but still require motion control under transient (shock) inputs or when operating close to the isolation system’s resonant frequency.

The AMC-Mecanocaucho hydraulic mounts have been primarily designed as engine and operator cab isolators in off-highway vehicular and agricultural applications. It is particularly suitable for engines operating on a variable rotating speed that must pass the natural frequency of the system during its normal functioning. Examples include engines of 1, 2, 3 or 4 cylinders used on construction or agricultural equipment.

The hydraulic mounts are also ideal for cabins where vibration isolation is required for operator comfort as well as stability when the cabin is subject to transient shocks.

Technical characteristics

  • An interlocking metal component provides fail-safe protection for mobile applications and limits the ascending vertical movement when the mounting is submitted to shocks at traction
  • Robust thickness of metal parts allows use in off-road applications
  • Metal parts come with suitable anticorrosive treatment for outdoor applications and are RoHS compliant

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