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AMC Mecanocaucho bobbins, available from Vibration Solutions are used in a wide range of applications, especially for elastic suspensions and anti-vibration isolation of machines and different mechanical organs.

Designed for making elastic anchorings or fixings, AMC Mecanocaucho bobbins are constructed from a block of rubber with two parallel metal parts at the end that allow them to be fixed by screws in the ‘C’ model, with nuts in the ‘A’ model or a combination of both in the ‘B’ model. The rubber block may be cylindrical in bobbins requiring greater load capacity or as a diabolo when greater elasticity is required in all directions.

AMC Mecanocaucho bobbins are suitable for installation on small motor pumps, motor ventilators, driers, sieves, compactors, washing machines, electrical motors, on-board control panels, measuring apparatus, control cabinets, microphones and fluorescent tubes among others. Key advantages include easy installation, high elasticity and economy.

Operation and assembly

The elasticity is much greater in all the directions parallel to the armatures than in the perpendicular direction. The rubber works based on compression or shear depending on the direction it is placed at installation time according to the use and objective. Based on the model chosen, the bobbin is installed with nuts or screws, with one part attached to the fixed chassis and the other to the machine to be suspended.

Technical characteristics

Depending on the size of the rubber block, the AMC Mecanocaucho bobbin has more or less elasticity, which is greater particularly in all directions perpendicular to its axis (shear).

The AMC Mecanocaucho bobbin therefore, makes it possible to create joins that permit major relative movements up to several millimetres, for instance in the event of heat expansion or chassis deformation. These bobbins serve very well for the vibration isolation of machines where the vibrations are perpendicular to their axis, unless these stresses are too much when applied in this direction.

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