Industrial Vibrators and Vibratory Equipment for Efficient Pneumatics from Vibco Australia


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Vibco provide a full range of  Industrial Vibratory Equipment to improve the flow of material in hoppers and chutes and Vibco vibratory equipment to feed, convey, elevate, settle, compact, and distribute bulk materials in a gentle, clean and controlled manner.

High performance VIBCO Vibrators and Vibrating Equipment

  • Various VIBCO pneumatic vibrators are available including the economical ball vibrators, high impact piston vibrators or the extensive range of the “silent” turbine vibrators
  • In the ’70’s Vibco invented the turbine and have been continually improving the design and widening the applications, this experience and range gives VIBCO the edge by being able to offer the best product, at a completive price, for the most demanding duty
  • Electric vibrators, single or three phase, can be supplied for a variety of applications and also the VIBCO hydraulic vibrators or an extensive range of DC electric vibrators are available for use on portable or mobile equipment
  • Vibratory units can be designed to carry out a variety of specialised processes, such as sorting, screening, grading or burnishing

The VIBCO range of Industrial Vibrators 

  • Pneumatic “Silent” Turbine vibrators
  • Ball Vibrators
  • Piston Vibrators
  • Hopper Vibrators
  • Hydraulic Vibrators
  • Roller Vibrators
  • Electric AC or DC Vibrators
  • Special high speed electric Vibrators up to 9000 RPM, also variable speed units for special duties.
  • Air cannons – as a “flow aide device” in hoppers

Vibratory Equipment for hassle free pneumatics
VIBCO Vibratory equipment includes: 

  • Vibratory feeders – tubular, spreading or standard
  • Vibrators screens – conventional, gyratory and circular
  • Vibratory conveyors - natural frequency or brut force
  • Vibratory elevators – or lowerators
  • Vibratory tables - settling, compaction or testing

Industrial Vibrators and Vibratory Equipment from Vibco Australia

  • Vibrators or Vibratory equipment rarely operate as a separate identity, usually they need to work with other equipment to assist in achieving the desired result
  • VIBCO, with its many years of experience, will be please to assist in selecting the best unit to achieve the correct vibratory action to meet the requirements of your special application
  • They believe this is best achieved by listening to our clients and understanding their needs then, based on their experience, offer the most appropriate equipment to meet these requirements with cost efficient solutions
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19/08/11 - Vibco Australia provide pneumatic turbine vibrators suitable for use in sanitary areas.
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22/11/10 - Model PBS and BBS silent pneumatic turbine vibrators are the smallest in the range of vibrators available from Vibco Australia. They feature a versatile mount and robust aluminium housing.
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19/11/10 - Available from Vibco Australia, MLT hygienic turbine vibrators are capable of operating in temperatures up to a maximum of 120°C with a pressure range of 30 to 80 PSI.
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04/11/10 - Vibco Australia recently supplied two VS-320 silent pneumatic turbine vibrators on sand bins as a replacement for an inefficient ball vibrator.
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03/11/10 - Vibco Australia recently supplied two VS-250 silent turbine vibrators for a bakery that was experiencing issues with erratic flow of their flour from the bin into the rotary valve below.
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