VEGAPULS 64 Radar sensor for continuous level measurement of liquids

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Introducing VEGAPULS 64, the first radar level sensor on the market for liquids that measures at a frequency of 80 GHz. The radar level sensor VEGAPULS 64 is not only ideal for wide use in the chemical industry, but also in the pharmaceutical and food industries, because of its hygienic materials and design.

The VEGAPULS 64 is a sensor for continuous level measurement of liquids. With small tanks or in case of narrow space the small process fittings offer special advantages:

  • The very good signal focusing enables the use in vessels with many installations such as e.g. stirrers and heating spirals
  • Exact measuring results independent of process conditions
  • High plant availability, because wear and maintenance-free
  • Maintenance-free operation through non-contact measuring principle


  • Measure ranges up to 30 metres
  • Measure wide temperatures up to 200 °C
  • Pressure Measurement ranges of 20 bar

The smallest antenna is no bigger than a 1-Euro coin, so that the new measuring instrument is an ideal solution for installation in small containers.The first sensors in the field have shown that the new VEGAPULS 64 qualifies as a truly universal sensor. 

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