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Novotechnik liner transducers now available from Veederline

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article image Novotechnik TLM series linear transducers

The Novotechnik TLM series of linear transducers, supplied in Australia by Veederline , delivers direct, precise and absolute measurements of travel and length in control, positioning and measuring technology.

Utilising a non-contact, magnetostrictive measuring process, these linear transducers accomplish measurements by using a passive position marker which can be moved as a free-floating element.

The design of the TLM series allows for fast measurements, with a data output update rate of ≤ 62.5µs for all-digital output modes.

A non-contact coupling marker ensures installation of these linear transducers is simple, with wear-free operation ensuring unlimited mechanical life expectancy and unlimited traverse speed of the position marker.

Careful consideration of the measuring principle, form factor and selected materials ensure these transducers also have a low temperature coefficient.

The active sensing element in these devices is encased in an aluminium housing rated to IP67, ensuring the transducers are resistant to contamination, dust, moisture and oil.

The TLM series of linear transducers can be mounted with clamps that allow precise mechanical adjustment.

A sophisticated ASIC in the transducers provides standard absolute output signals. In addition to familiar interfaces such as the synchronous serial interface and the Start/Stop pulse interface, a high-dynamic serial DyMoS interface with data transfer monitoring is available.

In addition to position value, the DyMoS interface can transmit actual traverse velocities, with the pulse interface providing fully toleranced processing of both edges of the Start/Stop signal.

These transducers can also optionally be operated with multiple position markers.

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