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Absolute and Incremental Encoders
Veederline offer a range of Dynapar brand of encoders, resolvers and other industrial controls.

Features of the Dynapar Encoders
Some of the features and benefits are outlined below. Please click on the link below for more information on these absolute encoders and incremental encoders.

ACURO™ Series Absolute Encoders

  • Keep track of position at all times
  • Cost effective solution in many motion control and industrial automation applications

General Purpose Incremental Encoders

  • Precise digital feedback for fractional horsepower motors in relatively clean environments
  • These incremental encoders have various integral shaft and housing size range

Motor Mount Incremental Encoders

  • Suitable for stepper motor or servo motor control
  • Can easily be installed without adaptors or extra hardware for fast, simple direct to motor installation (or mounting to other free shafts)
  • Available in commercial, industrial-duty and commutation motor versions
  • Available in ring-mount, hubshaft or hollowshaft mounting configurations
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03/08/07 - The HS20 sealed hollowshaft encoder from the Dynapar brand Series is presented by Veederline.
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02/08/07 - Veederline offers the Dynapar brand Series HS35 sealed hollowshaft encoders from Danaher Controls.
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01/08/07 - Robust metal hub and flexible spring mount HS20 from Veederline allow easy installation on motor or machine shafts.
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31/07/07 - Veederline offers Danaher Controls' newly-introduced Dynapar brand series F14 and F18 encoders which provide high performance, cost-effective feedback for stepper and servo motor controls.
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30/07/07 - Veerderline offers Danaher Industrial Controls’ Harowe Resolver Line. Resolvers and encoders measure position and speed differently.
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