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Danaher Industrial Controls’ Harowe Resolver Line from Veederline

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article image Danaher Industrial Controls’ Harowe Resolver Line by Veederline

Veederline  offers Danaher Industrial Controls’ Harowe Resolver Line. Resolvers and encoders measure position and speed differently. Most encoders use optical sensors, whereas resolvers are inductive devices. Generally, resolvers are more durable and encoders are higher resolution.

The application / functions are as follows:

  • Encoders are easier and less expensive to implement, because they output the digital signals required by most control systems. In contrast, the analog output of a resolver must be converted using a resolver-to-digital (R/D) converter. This can be significant in OEM applications, where in some cases the cost of an R/D converter can equal half the cost of the resolver.

The added cost makes it necessary that the resolvers be used in applications where their inherent durability is needed, such as in dusty, high-vibration, or high temperature environments. Depending on the application requirements, heavy duty encoders might be used as well in some of these applications.

The Harowe range of frameless resolvers come form size 10 to size 55. Harowe is also one of the few brands to offer housed resolvers ranging from standard-grade size 11 to heavy-duty industrial-grade size 25.

HaroMax frameless brushless resolvers feature tooth-wound construction. As a result of a more consistent winding, electrical error is 50 percent less than that of a standard resolver.

The differentiating features are:

  • Harowe brand resolvers are used extensively in robotics, machine tools, motors, and aircraft
  • Other typical resolver applications include plastic forming, food processing, and steel, paper, and textile mills

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