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Pub CCTV - POS integrated systems with strong analytics

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CCTV is a great visual deterrent for pubs, bars and nightclubs as well as capturing any incidents. Required for liquor licensing standards, Vectron’s small non obtrusive cameras can cover wide areas giving owners a bird’s eye view of their business.

POS integrated CCTV overlays live real time transaction data onto camera footage. This powerful combination of shows who sold what, to whom, for how much and when. All transaction data is stored on the POS system for powerful searching and reporting. Owners can quickly find no-sale voids, refunds, under-rings and other variances. Staff interaction with customers, productivity and general performance can also be seen.

This combination of analytics gives venues almost instantaneous identification of anomalies across all parts of their business. Full internet access means footage can be seen from the office, at home or even on holiday.

Such comprehensive surveillance systems can help reduce insurance costs and fraudulent liability claims. Time and date stamped images are also suitable for any insurance claims.
Hospitality POS systems from Vectron Systems Australia can be seen on their website. CCTV systems can be supplied as stand alone camera/DVR system or integrated into existing POS systems.

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