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Advances in CCTV technology can increase a business’ performance. Similar to how digital TV offers better quality high definition imagery, businesses installing CCTV systems on their premises need to ensure their equipment delivers clear and concise images. CCTV helps with OH&S issues, staff training, internal theft and staff management, and also decreases risk for insurance premium and patron safety. Mobile access to the system additionally keeps the business owner informed about their operations when they’re not on site.

Business establishments that have already made significant investments in their analogue CCTV systems might hesitate to change technologies; changing cabling from co-axil to cat 6, the perceived higher price of IP cameras and the installation process, are key reasons for this reluctance. However, IP and analogue cameras are similar in price and there are more solutions available that don’t require complete changeover of cabling. There are advantages too: For instance, a single IP camera can replace up to four comparable analogue cameras due to the increased area coverage.

Businesses that are planning to install a full IP CCTV system using the latest technology should look for these features in their equipment: high-resolution megapixel; remote viewing to pan, tilt or zoom; scalability; audio and motion detection; wireless capability; Power over Ethernet; video analytics; Point Of Sale system integration; and easy upgrades.

For those with already installed analogue systems, there are options such as hybrid or tribrid that bring the latest IP technologies at a cost-effective price.

A hybrid system takes existing analogue cameras and records them into a hybrid digital recorder. IP cameras and cat 6 cabling can be added to this solution without changing all the existing cabling. The number of IP cameras and cabling can be increased progressively, making this a very cost-effective way to increase technology.

A tribrid system similarly uses the existing analogue cameras and records the feed from high definition analogue cameras and IP cameras into a tribrid recorder. High definition analogue cameras provide HD image transmission over co-axil cable. This system is specially designed for analogue users who want a high definition surveillance system, without the full upgrade to IP or even replacing existing cabling. IP cameras can be optionally installed in new areas or hot spots where new cabling can be placed.

Hybrid or tribrid solutions are recommended for areas where changing over cabling used for the analogue cameras is not an option. Additional monitoring and security can be enabled by installing IP cameras if needed in hot spots for peace of mind.

CCTV technology is becoming more integrated with analytics playing an important role in providing critical business information. Analytics on people movements, hot spots in a venue, facial recognition or heat sensing in kitchens are providing cutting edge business management information, and helping secure the premises effectively.

Advances in technology have also dramatically decreased costs, allowing businesses to consider upgrading from their existing analogue systems. While keeping up with technologies can be a daunting prospect, prices have dramatically decreased, making system upgrades now much more affordable. Contact Vectron Systems Australia for a customised CCTV solution for your business.

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