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Vector Lifting’s under floor lifting system

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The Taiwan High Speed Rail Corporation under floor lifting system is Vector Lifting’s largest international project to date.  

With 720 tonnes of simultaneous lift along 300 metres, Vector manufactured one of the longest single train lifts. The cantilevered system is able to provide 2.4 metres of lift. The bogie drop table facilitates the removal of single bogies from train rail cars, without the need to raise the car itself. As the bogie is lowered into the drop table pit, two body stands support the rail car.  

Bogies are raised to economically suitable heights of 1100 metres. The bogie disassembly hoist lifts and supports an electric multiple unit railcar motor or trailer bogie to enable disassembly.  

The bogie load test system is used to set up and apply a simulation load to a bogie to test frame clearance to axe box, air suspension springs, and traction motor to gearbox drive alignment.  

Turntables rotate the bogies and wheelset through 90 degree increments to redirect from rail track to another. These turntables are able to be operated either manually or under power and are able to be fully rotated.  

12.5 and 25 tonne mobile jacks are able to lift the railcar and other rail mounted vehicles.

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