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Conveyor Take Up Winches for Mining Applications by Vector Lifting

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Vector Lifting has continued to design improvements on their take-up winches with the assistance of onsite engineers and maintenance crew to ensure that all parties are satisfied with supplied product.

The latest shipment of winches have been designed to ensure simple installation and operation onsite. With focus around ease of use for operators, Vector Lifting has incorporate a number of features that assist with productivity and ensure a safe working environment. Vector Lifting has designed the take-up winches to perform the task required with safety as the primary design consideration, leading to the incorporation of a number of features that have been developed through the design process. The safety features assist in ensuring an efficient shutdown of the conveyor and reduces downtime in production.

Through the design and manufacture process Vector Lifting ensures that a Safety of Machinery study and risk assessment completed in compliance with AS4024.2014. Vector Lifting uses this standard as the basis for Design Risk Assessment for the re-development of existing products and design new products. Throughout both design and manufacturing stages the risk assessment is established and periodically reviewed to ensure risk to the health and safety of people associated with the use of the machine is minimised, ensuring safe installation and operation. As well as the impacts on people, the effects of the machine itself and to the surrounding equipment and environment is also considered.

Each new product is re-assessed to ensure that the conditions and requirements of the new site and operating location is considered, as well as applying client specific prerequisites. A focus around ease of maintenance of the winches was taken into consideration during the design as downtime of the winch will cause additional slowdown in production. The winch is designed to have interchangeable parts with all Vector winches and easy access lubrication points fitted to the winch.

Design of Controls, Guarding and Interlocks are critical areas in the interaction between the operators and the winches in order to provide safe and efficient equipment. This is a key area for the safe use of the winch in direct relation to personnel. Examples of major features that have been include in the winch design through risk assessments and design workshops include Load cells, rope overlay detection, inspection points and clear signage.

Vector Lifting is an Australian owned and operated company based in Western Australia. We design and fabricate our equipment in house with full compliance to Australian Standards and relevant site requirements, and have a fully certified Quality Assurance system under ISO9001.

Vector Lifting specialises in all material handling products for both the local and mining industries. With over 30 years of experience Vector Lifting understand that each requirement and application is different and offer tailor made solutions for Jib Cranes, Spreader and Lifting Frames, Hoists, Railway and Vehicle Maintenance Equipment and engineering and design consulting.

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