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Medical/Surgical Supplies Distributor Improves Efficiency and Compliance with Vaisala Warehouse Monitoring System

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article image Vaisala’s Continuous Monitoring System monitors temperature and relative humidity levels across Owens & Minor’s warehouse network

Vaisala  Veriteq’s continuous monitoring system was installed for a distributor of medical and surgical supplies as an enterprise-wide standardised monitoring solution for warehouse temperature and humidity levels.  

Owens & Minor based in Mechanicsville, VA is a leading supplier of medical and surgical products to hospitals, integrated healthcare systems, alternate care locations and the federal government.  

The company operates from 50+ distribution centres nationwide, providing consumable goods such as disposable gloves, dressings, endoscopic products, needles and syringes, sterile procedure trays, surgical products and gowns, as well as urological and wound-closure products.  

A climate-controlled environment is required for many of these products to maintain efficacy and meet regulatory guidelines.  

Prior to the upgrade, Owens & Minor used data loggers to manually measure and record temperatures for review and archive purposes, a process that was highly inefficient.    

Along with the company’s internal standards, Owens & Minor meets requirements for archival documentation for the state boards of pharmacy and the FDA.  

In addition to the goal of increasing efficiency in monitoring and reporting data for compliance, the company wanted to simplify the process of viewing critical data from all locations.  


  • To standardise the monitoring system for warehouse temperature and humidity across all sites within the United States
  • To provide an enterprise-wide solution that would enable multiple users at distributed locations to manage their monitored areas, report, and receive alarm notifications remotely
  • To connect sensors to the continuous monitoring system via a combination of wireless and hard-wired Ethernet connections

Owens & Minor sought a warehouse monitoring system that would eliminate the manual element involved in generating reports, send immediate notification if conditions were heading out of tolerances, and provide an easily accessible way to monitor real-time trends in critical areas.  

Vaisala Veriteq’s Continuous Monitoring System was selected from the four suppliers short-listed for evaluation.  

Vaisala’s continuous monitoring system used the proprietary viewLinc monitoring software that was based on standard Internet browser-based software and integrated with Owens & Minor’s existing WiFi, 802.11 network, according to Bob Peck, Director of Regulatory Compliance for Owens & Minor.  

Key features of Vaisala Veriteq’s Continuous Monitoring System: 

  • Continuous monitoring system provides secure access from any PC on the network
  • Flexible, user-selectable alarm notification via email, cell-phone or pager
  • Automated data archiving with triple redundancy
  • Reporting software for FDA 21 CFR part 11 compliant documentation, historical data and graphing/reporting
  • Full system IQ/OQ validation

Key benefits of Vaisala Veriteq’s Continuous Monitoring System

  • System administrators can assign permissions for viewing data, setting thresholds and acknowledging alarms to specific personnel
  • Alarm notifications can be scheduled by day, time and person
  • Detailed naming of monitored points
  • Total data protection with no scope for lost data caused by any single point of failure including network or power outage
  • Industry-only sensor stability specification accuracy for one year with high stability sensors

Vaisala Veriteq’s Continuous Monitoring System was installed at a single location for assessment of its capabilities before being deployed nationwide.  

Currently, the warehouse monitoring system monitors temperature and relative humidity from 423 sensors located within Owens & Minor’s warehouses, refrigerators and speciality rooms.

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