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The new Vaisala CARBOCAP® Carbon Dioxide and Temperature Transmitter GMW116 is a wall-mounted sensor designed for HVAC applications.

Carbon dioxide and temperature transmitter for aeration control 
It has all the benefits familiar to the GMW115 CO2 transmitter with its proven track record:
  • Ideal for ventilation control in all types of occupied spaces including those with round-the-clock occupancy
  • Advanced single-beam dual wavelength measurement with no moving parts
  • Excellent long-term stability
  • Warranty time 2 years
Carbon dioxide and temperature transmitter benefits
It offers these additional benefits:
  • No need for temperature compensation
  • Compact dual-parameter transmitter; measures both CO2 and temperature
  • As the GMW116 measures the temperature it can naturally compensate for the ideal gas temperature dependence causing most of the temperature dependence in CO2 transmitters.
Carbon Dioxide and temperature sensors are perfect for aeration control in all kinds of occupied spaces as well as those with continuous residence. Vaisala Pty Ltd information and contact details

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