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Uticor Tough SmartMarquee LED message display signs available from Balmoral Technologies

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Balmoral Technologies supply Uticor Tough SmartMarquee LED message display signs that maintain uniform brightness over the life of the marquee thanks to specially matched LEDs.

Even though they are built tough like a tank, new Tough SmartMarquees LED message display signs from Uticor are energy efficient and use typically one third the power of other message display signs. This in turn means they generate less heat which allows them to operate at higher temperatures.

In addition to specially matched LEDs, Uticor products go through a 96 hour burn-in period to stop thousands of LEDs dying out in the display panel sign.

The high quality manufacturing process of these display signs translates into years of trouble free service with consistent looking messages that are attractive to the eye. This manufacturing is also reliable, and Uticor offers a three year warranty on all it’s marquee products to reflect that.

With Tough SmartMarquee LED message display signs, users can display their messages stationary, scrolling or blinking based on the embedded codes in an ASCII string.

Left-scroll messages feature “smooth scrolling”, that is, letters moving one LED at a time. Each portion of a letter will illuminate every dot in that row when it scrolls across the display.

Upward-scrolling messages do not actually scroll. Rather, they “wipe on” to the display in an upward fashion. The first section of message lines appear, then the display pauses, clears, and displays the next section of text.

Tough SmartMarquee's non-scrolling messages can contain blinking characters, whereas scrolled messages cannot have blinking characters. The time interval for the ‘on’ and ‘off’ states of a blinking message can also be controlled.

Users can also take advantage of the LED message display sign's international character set to display their messages in multiple international languages. This option is switch selectable to allow messages to display in United States English, French, Danish, Swedish, German, Cyrillic, or Japanese Kana.

There is no ladder logic change required when adding an LED message display to communicate machine/process status and alarms to the plant floor as long as the data is available in PLC.

These LED message display signs can network using ASCII (RS422), Ethernet, DeviceNet, DH+/RIO, Mobus RTU, Modbus+, CCLink, DH 485, Modbus TCP/IP, SRTP or Profibus, and many other communication protocols.

Uticor Tough SmartMarquees connect to Allen Bradley, Modicon, Siemens, Mitsubishi, DH+, Profibus, etc.

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