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Combined Industrial HMI operator touch screens and PLCs from Uticor AVG are an economical tool used by end users and OEMs alike to save money, time and space in control systems.

The EZPanel HMI operator touch panel provides a low cost solution for controlling commercial or industrial equipment.The combination of software allows for space saving in electrical panels or housings, meaning less real estate is required. 

This software is good for OEMs looking for solutions based on larger number of units. Features of this new technology include:
  • Combined HMI and PLC programming software.
  • On-line programmability.
  • In-built PLC can have plug-in modules or fixed I/O systems.
  • Provide touch screen sizes of 4” to 15”.
  • Typical I/O modules available are Digital, analogue, thermocouple, RTD, PWM, highspeed counting and more.
The EZPanel HMI operator touch screens and PLCs are suitable for auxiliary equipment control in boats, truck equipment control including graders, and small pumping station control. Uticor AVG information and contact details


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