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Slice elongated food products with the TranSlicer 2000 Cutter from Urschel Laboratories

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article image The TranSlicer 2000 Cutter slicing machine

Now available from Urschel Laboratories , the TranSlicer 2000 Cutter is a slicing machine for the food processing industry that uniformly slices a wide variety of food products at high production capacities.

The TranSlicer 2000 Cutter accepts firm vegetables and fruits up to 101.6 mm in diameter, as well as leafy vegetables up to 152.4 mm in diameter, and with the wide variety of interchangeable cutting wheels available it is possible to produce a full range of slices and julienne cuts.

The body and motors of this slicing machine are made from stainless steel to ensure optimal hygiene, and with sliding and hinged access panels and only two easily accessible lubrication points maintenance and the changeover of parts on the TranSlicer 2000 Cutter is simple.

Operation features that make the TranSlicer 2000 Cutter an ideal slicing machine for high production applications include:

  • optional hold-down top belts for additional positive feeding assistance
  • specially designed contoured discharge chute for easy product flow and product damage reduction
  • variable frequency drive for precise speed control and maximum energy savings
  • continuous operation for uninterrupted production.
Most suitable for slicing elongated products, the TranSlicer 2000 Cutter can cut food products such as:

  • sweet potatoes
  • carrots
  • pickles
  • serrano peppers
  • taro root
  • bread sticks
  • plantain
  • surimi
  • cassava
  • asparagus
  • banana peppers
  • banana
  • pepperoni
  • cooked chicken tenders
  • celery
  • green onions
  • romaine strips
  • zucchini
  • leek.

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