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The Affinity dicer is the largest cheese dicer Urschel Laboratories® manufactures and was developed from dairy industry requests for a large, heavy duty and sanitary cheese dicer. This dicer been accepted by the United States Department of Agriculture, Dairy Division. This heavy duty dicer delivers a sanitary design, optimal high capacity output and precision cuts. The maximum in-feed 178 mm in any dimension and the cut types include dice and strip. Key Features
  • Maximum power to deliver maximum throughput capacity
  • Sanitary highly polished stainless steel surfaces to deter bacterial growth
  • Food zone completely separate from the drive train
  • Hinged swing-away panels and sloped surfaces simplify maintenance and wash-down procedures
  • Designed for continuous operation for uninterrupted production
  • Produces superior cut quality
Cut Specification
  • The maximum in-feed is 7” (178 mm) in any dimension
  • Slice thickness: 1/8 to 3/4" (3.2 to 19.1 mm)
  • Circular Knife Spindle: 1/8 to 2" (3.2 to 50.8 mm)
  • Crosscut Knife Spindle: 1/8 to 2" (3.2 to 50.8 mm)
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