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Urban Shade offers new range of shade structures made of fabrics

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New range of shade structures made of fabrics has been introduced by Urban Shade. Urban Shade offers a wide range of colour swatches and types of fabrics to choose from

The Rainbow Shade Series is recommended by architects, engineers, and manufacturers for its quality and colour range.

Newer fabrics like the Coolaroo Commercial 95 were developed to be very strong and very stable fabrics. The Coolaroo Commercial 95 is ideal for both shade awnings and tension structures.

Sarlon Supershade Plus is best for commercial overhead structures. The Sarlon Supershade Plus is designed to provide extreme protection from the sun as well as from extreme weather conditions (such as hail). The Sarlon Supashade Plus uses the latest low-shrink yarn extrusion techniques. The Sarlon Supashade Plus is made of High-Density Polyethylene monofilament yarn, so they maintain their form even when tensioned.

Ferrari Vinyl uses the Precontraint Ferrari technology that gives it outstanding mechanical strength and exceptional weightlessness. This vinyl is also very intelligent –the high tenacity polyester yarn actually prevent accidental tears worsening.

The giant patio umbrellas of Urban Shade have better designs and are truly classic. There is the Giant Swinging Retractable Umbrella that is available in four-meter and five-meter sizes. The Giant Swinging Retractable Umbrella is easy to install and they collapse easily when not in use. The Retractable Umbrella can rotate 360 degrees, making them extremely versatile. The Giant Swinging Retractable Umbrella is ideal for outdoor pools, for covering outdoor tables and chairs for lounging, etc.

Shade sails (also called shade canopies or sun shelters) are perfect for outdoor activities like picnics, barbecues, and sheltered play area. Shade sails make for useful and beautiful outdoor protection in your home.

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