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Upwey provide slurry air release and vacuum break valves available in carbon steel, stainless steel and duplex stainless steel.

EZI-VAC Slurry Air Release and Vacuum Break Valves for demanding applications

These Australian made slurry air release valves are designed for many applications particularly slurry and dirty water due to the large vent and seating area. This includes:
  • Slurry Pipe Lines
  • De-Watering Lines
  • Sewage
  • High Pressure Pipe Lines
  • Pipeline with Scale

The large port design prevents clogging while the HI-WEAR resistant seat and float design offer a large sealing area. An Anti-Surge Float option is available on request to limit discharge rates to 3.5kPa differential.

EZI-VAC Slurry Air Release and Vacuum Break Valves offering simple design for ease of maintenance

  • Simple construction allows for ease of on site maintenance
  • Primary (and secondary float if used) is manufactured from non-corrosive HDPE and available in HDPE or Urethane with SG of float to suit application
  • Available in carbon steel as standard, stainless steel or Duplex stainless steel as option
  • Coated in Fusion Bonded Epoxy Resin or 2 part epoxy for high corrosion applications
  • Options of Internal lining in Rubber, EPDM or Urethane on request
  • Optional drain/flush point in body
  • HI-WEAR primary seal allows drip tight sealing under all conditions
  • Full bore design as standard, reduced bore on request
  • Design prevents lifting of primary float while acting as a vacuum breaker
Upwey Kinetic EZI-VAC slurry air release and vacuum break valves are ideal for exhausting or venting air in slurry pipelines. 
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