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Power conditioners, filters and power cables from Upsonic Power

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Upsonic Power  has partnered with one of the leading manufacturers of Uninterrupted Power Supplies (UPS) connectivity and monitoring products. This helps it provide latest in hardware and software solutions. Some of the specialised areas of Upsonic Power include RUPS2000 interface software, Remote power control systems, SNMP hardware & software, Upsilon interface software, Temperature & humidity sensors, Multi-interface units (MIU's) and more.

Some of the other products made available by Upsonic Power include cat 5 network / data filters, stop surge power cables, hardwired switchboard filters, modem/telephone protection, power conditioners, transient surge diverters and more. PrOffice UPS offered by Upsonic Power is a quality and cost effective affordable protection device. These UPS are ideal for stand alone PC, home computers, small security installations, point of sale equipment and more.

The Domestic Series UPS provided by Upsonic Power quality protection systems apt for home, office and POS applications. Upsonic Power also supplies Commercial Series UPS. These are protection device designed around business minicomputers, critical file servers, network switches and hubs. The Commercial CXR series are apt for phone systems, minicomputers, storage devices, network switches and hubs. Industrial Series UPS from Upsonic Power utilises quality UPS topology. It is designed to protect valuable equipment in areas of poor quality of power supply.

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