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Dispensers, chillers, purifiers and drinking fountains from Unlimited Water

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Unlimited Water  provides various configurations of dispensers, chillers, purifiers, water coolers and drinking fountains. The water coolers and dispensers offered by Unlimited Water can be placed in any space like kitchens, boardrooms, production areas, factories, warehouses and more. Some of the water cooler services extended by Unlimited Water are filtered water cooler system (fully maintained), replacement filters included, sanitisation visits every 26 weeks, warranty on all equipment and more.

Some of the benefits of the water coolers offered by Unlimited Water include unlimited filtered water, no heavy bottles, hygienically maintained, cost effective and more. Filtered drinking water is provided by Unlimited Water with fully inclusive service like auto-refill and more. Filters manufactured by Unlimited Water are tested in accordance with NSF International, which is authority for drinking water systems. Unlimited Water also provides replacement filters and other parts of the system.

Additionally, filtered water cooler supplied by Unlimited Water is environmental friendly systems. Furthermore, filtered water coolers eliminate the need of water bottles and helps in reducing waste. The multi-stage water filters offered by Unlimited Water chemicals and impurities along with heavy metal removal and microbiological control.

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