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Custom designed sub floor ventilation systems from Universal Fans

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Universal Fans can create custom sub floor ventilation fans for houses where there is little or no under floor ventilation.

What contributes to inadequate under floor ventilation?
  • not enough vents available
  • vents are too small for the zise and layout of the building
  • building extensions
  • building location
  • soil type
According to the company, the best results are obtained when good cross-ventilation is achieved - the air travels through the underside of the house and this promotes good ventilation and minimises moisture accumulation.

Universal Fans use inline fans, external wall fans and other types depending on the situation.

The ventilation fans are available in many variations including fans that supply air, more than one fan, ducting to various areas, etc.

Another solution is to install low voltage fans with a transformer connected to the mains, or powered through a solar panel. These fans can replace a vent as they are brick sized. They are generally half the capacity of a 240V fan, cost approximately double the price and cannot be ducted.

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