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BVC’s extensive range of Heavy Duty Vacuum Cleaners provide effective reliable cleaning solutions for industrial work environments like warehouses, food production factories, and pharmaceutical plants.

Many industrial processes generate airborne pollutants in the form of dry particles and liquids.

These contaminants are often toxic and can lead to an unsafe work environment, if not properly controlled.

Breathe easier with BVC heavy duty industrial vacuum cleaners
BVC heavy duty industrial vacuums are at work worldwide, cleaning up wet or dry waste, toxic and hazardous materials such as asbestos.
  • BVC industrial vacuums fitted with HEPA filters can filter particles to 0 .6 micron at 99.997% efficiency
  • Heavy duty vacuums are able to easily vacuum pharmaceutical powders and heavy metals generated by industrial processes as well as cleaning areas where explosive dusts or gases are present
  • Central vacuum cleaning systems for multi user cleaning in factories and large buildings you can count on BVC for innovation in vacuum cleaning technology
Heavy duty vacuums for industrial applications
The BVC Industrial Vacuum Units range of standard heavy duty machines are ideal in dealing with these pollutants for collection of:

  • Wet or Dry Waste
  • Toxic or Hazardous materials such as Asbestos
  • Pharmaceutical powders and heavy metals
  • ATEX compliant machines for cleaning areas where explosive dusts or gases are present.
  • Central Vacuum Cleaning systems for multi user cleaning in manufacturing processes and large buildings
Applications of BVC Heavy Duty Multi-Stage Exhauster Blowers
The BVC Heavy Duty Multi-Stage Exhauster Blowers and ‘oil free’ Esam Side Channel units are suitable for provision of:

  • Warm and dry non-pulsating air
  • Continuous suction for process plant
  • Pneumatic Conveying vacuum applications
Whether you are looking for a fully integrated air cleaning systems and dust control system to serve the entire building or a high power portable machine to for spill removal and dust extraction on the production line, BVC offer a variety of models to suit your requirements.

Many of their machines are now ATEX compliant to conform to EU regulations and provide the most reliable and hazard free cleaning system for your work environment. United Air Specialists (Sales) information and contact details

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