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Mixing impellers explained by Unit Process Consulting

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article image The H5000 high solidity mixing impeller

Unit Process Consulting know that when it comes to mixers, the most important component is the impeller as its size and rotational speed determine the specifications of every other part of the mixer.

It is also very important to get the correct impeller for the mixing task, as no particular impeller is able to perform all mixing tasks adequately. There are a wide range of impellers on the market today and the selection of the correct one for the task is vital to ensure the production line performs to its best ability.

Unit Process Consulting supply a selection of impellers, including the H3000 axial flow impeller, the H5000 high solidity impeller, the T4450 impeller for medium viscosity mixing, and the T4490 impeller for low level mixing.

The H3000 axial flow impeller produces high flow for a relatively low power and is typically used in industry for low viscosity blending, heat transfer, storage tanks and silos, and solids suspension. The H5000 is a high solidity impeller that produces high flow for moderate power. This mixing impeller is typically used in medium to high viscosity blending and gassibg applications.

The T4450 medium viscosity impeller imparts a relatively high power consumption when used in medium to high viscosity ranges and also imparts medium levels of shear. This impeller is typically used in applications that require medium to high viscosity blending and low level mixing. Similarly, the T4490 mixing impeller features high specific power consumption and is suitable for low level mixing.

Often, a single impeller type may not be adequate for the task, in which case a combination of impellers can be used.

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