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Mixers from Unit Process Consulting (UPC) are purpose engineered and built to offer efficient hassle free operation. UPC supply mixers to a range of different industries with the development of very specific impellers for high viscosity applications.

Designed to deliver reliability and performance

UPC have designed and manufacture mixing impellers for a range of applications from Hydrofoils for flow driven processes such as solids suspension, turbines for combination flow impellers giving high flow and high shear.
  • Proven technology with custom design options
  • Mixers specifically adapted to IBC mixing, high shear dispersing, agitators for mineral processing and inline static mixers
Mixers designed for a range of industrial applications
UPC mixers can be found in a number of industries such as:
  • Chemical manufacture
  • Water and waste water treatment 
  • Wine and beverage production 
  • Food manufacture 
  • Ink and paint 
  • Mineral processing
Agitators and mixers for mineral processing
With extensive industry experience in the mining sector, Unit Process Consulting are able to offer mixers that perform, with a host of applications including:
  • Leaching
  • CIL/CIP 
  • Solids suspension 
  • Gas dispersion 
  • Conditioning 
  • Attrition machines and high intensity conditioning 
  • Lime slurry make up
UPC employs qualified process engineers enabling them to offer quality advice on the most efficient tank ratios, baffle design and process conditions for your specific requirements. With a customer focused approach, UPC provides the ideal solution to your industrial mixing requirements. Unit Process Consulting Pty Ltd information and contact details

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01/09/11 - Unit Process Consulting know that when it comes to mixers, the most important component is the impeller as its size and rotational speed determine the specifications of every other part of the mixer.
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03/08/11 - Unit Process Consulting offer mixing systems in numerous motor and gearbox combinations that are robustly built to last years of operation in chemical industry applications.
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14/10/10 - Unit Process Consulting applies the company’s mixers and impellers to the process of wine silo agitation.
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13/10/10 - Unit Process Consulting combines the knowledge of the processes with that of mixing technology to apply to the paint and ink industries.
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12/10/10 - Unit Process Consulting has developed a range of mixers and impellers to ensure optimum results and cost effective operation of waste water treatment plants.
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