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New B&K Precision programmable dual range DC power supplies for bench and ATE applications

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article image B&K Precision’s new 9174 programmable dual range power supply

B&K Precision’s new 9170/9180 series of programmable dual range power supplies is available from Unispan Instruments .
Featuring rack-mountable, single and dual output configurations, the new DC power supplies are suitable for challenging bench and ATE applications in design engineering labs and electronics manufacturing. 
Demanding applications in R&D and manufacturing require exceptionally clean and stable power, equating to a power supply with very low ripple and noise, low temperature coefficients, excellent regulation, and fast transient response time characteristics.
Consisting of nine models, the new B&K Precision programmable dual range DC power supplies provide clean and precise power up to 210 W in various configurations of voltage as high as 600 V and current as high as 20 A. Each model offers two ranges of voltage and current output along with modular interface slots for remote interface configurability.
Key features of 9170/9180 series programmable dual range power supplies:

  • Excellent line and load regulation of ≤ 0.01% + 1mV, ≤ 0.01% + 250uA
  • Ripple and noise as low as ≤ 0.35mVrms
  • Full numerical keypad with vertical and horizontal cursors for direct entry of voltage and current values
  • Front and rear panel output terminals
  • Remote sense terminals
  • Standard SCPI compliant USB interface for remote control
  • Modular interface design and special LED test modes
  • Up to 4 different types of interface cards including LAN and GPIB, Digital I/O and Analogue Control, RS485, or RS232
  • Two modular interface card slots on the rear panel
  • LED test modes can be used to minimise inrush current for safe testing of LEDs
  • Programmable voltage and current slew rates
  • List mode for executing programmed test sequences
  • Stores and recalls up to 10 different power settings
  • Models with optional LAN/GPIB interface card provide a built-in web server interface for remote control via Java-enabled web browser
  • Built-in overvoltage protection (OVP) and overcurrent protection (OCP)
  • Front panel key-lock function prevents accidental damage to a device under test

  • Backed by a standard 3-year warranty

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