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Dataloggers available from Unispan Instruments

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With or without display, compatible with high temperatures, the new range of Kistock dataloggers available from Unispan Instruments lets the user monitor the manufacturing process, storage premises and transport chain.

With these new accurate and self-contained dataloggers, user can store from 16,000 to 100,000 measurement points (temperature, humidity, light, current and voltage); they are compatible with external probes (up to 4):

  • Humidity-temperature (thermocouple K-J-T, Pt100)
  • Ammeter clamps and
  • 4-20mA and 0-10V

When connected to the USB port of the PC and when configured in online mode, the Kistock becomes an acquisition system, allowing user to measure 5 parameters simultaneously in real-time.

Kilog work on batteries, which can be replaced when required. The user can configure the working mode, display mode, LED status and recording duration.

The innovative monitoring mode allows user to choose a shorter measurement interval to be used while the readings are beyond the setpoints. This builds a more accurate history report during error events to help troubleshooting by optimising the memory space.

Data security is guaranteed. With KILOG CFR which is the software for users who require traceability under the strict standards of 21 CFR part 11. Second, with a new proprietary anti-theft system, with no padlock: the system cannot be unlocked or damaged. Installation is secured.

In one click the user can quickly download data up to 1000 points per second from Kistock or from the Data recorder.

Once the data have been automatically saved, the user can process data with clear and accurate tables and graphs as follows:

  • See automatic calculation of min/max and average
  • Zoom data with one click
  • Modify the name of channels and of measurement data sets
  • Merge several measurement data sets
  • Add calculation functions
  • Change the frame on a graphic, save measurement data sets to a new file
  • Add set-points for each channel
  • Set the graduation of a range
  • Allocate an operator to each measurement data set
  • Export data to a spreadsheet
  • Upgrade Kistock to a data acquisition system and display acquisition curves in real time and
  • Print a detailed report to present the results.

In addition to datalogger functions, the new Kistock class 300 offers on-demand capabilities.

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