Conductivity and Temperature Smart Sensor with Datalogging


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INW’s AquiStar® CT2X Smart Sensors are available from Unispan Instruments; it is a submersible conductivity and temperature sensor with built-in datalogging to measure water level, temperature, water quality, PH level and conductivity.


The AquiStar® CT2X records data, control system operations and communicates over a network for constant and reliable information. The AquiStar® CT2X Smart Sensors has the ability to send instant updates, compensate for interferences, talk to other devices and store over 500,000 records of internal memory.


Durable construction endure rugged field conditions

It is extremely durable and resistant to data interferences as it incorporates a 4-pole epoxy and graphite electrode cell to withstand rugged field conditions.


Equipped with Aqua4Plus software for easy accurate and easy to read results

The AquiStar® CT2X comes with INW’s powerful, easy to use Aqua4Plus software for extensive control, including real-time monitoring, flexible programming and versatile data display options.


Easy water quality monitoring with AquiStar® CT2X Smart Sensors

  • Measures conductivity, total dissolved solids, and temperature
  • Ranges from 10 microsiemens/cm to 100,000 microsiemens/cm (200,000 and 300,000 microsiemens/cm available on request)
  • Pressure and level option available
  • Narrow 0.75″ diameter, 12.5″ or 16″ length (depending on version)
  • Linear and nLFn temperature compensation
  • Up to 349,000 records in non-volatile memory
  • Constructed from 316 stainless steel, fluoropolymer, and PTFE (titanium optional)
  • Digital industry standard RS485 interface
  • Available with a variety of cable options—including polyethylene, polyurethane, and FEP Teflon
  • Modbus and SDI-12 protocols available
  • Easy export to spreadsheets and databases
  • Certified ISO 9001:2008 for design, manufacture, repair and rental of aquatic testing devices


Easy Maintenance with AquiStar® CT2X Smart Sensors

  • Exposed conductivity cell for easy scrubbing and cleaning
  • Simple cable attachment for easy attachment and removal of cables without having to modify the sensor
  • Easy battery replacement with regular AA batteries
  • Low power consumption, a single pair of AA batteries should typically last for 2 years
  • Field serviceable for on-site calibration, maintenance and repair


Compatible with numerous telemetry devices

The AquiStar® CT2X Smart Sensors are equipped with sensors that are compatible with numerous telemetry devices such as WaveData® and VZCOM products for easy integration with future add-ons. Some capabilities that can be utilized such as adding cable without modifying the sensor, networking additional sensors, and moving from manual to remote data retrieval by using radios or modems.

Simplify water monitoring with INW’s range of sensors, connection tools and software systems from Unispan Instruments.

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